Look at me (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Cayenne Payne
Birthday: 2 Oct
Age: 16
Type: Lead

- rewigged, Sunny's Wonderful World 1/3 wig in gray-b long fur
- Obitsu slim male white
- Cool Cat Pullip chips in PB-D12
- pierced ears, two on the left

Likes: Japanese music, toys, girls, guitars, art, Internet, Ciel
Dislikes: women, hi-tech gadgets, pointless blog entries, toys that make sounds, bubblegum pop music

More than just a guy with a pretty face, Cayenne is one of the Internet's most popular guys. Often dubbed "the lover for hire", swarms of girls often write letters to employ him, but he is in fact very much afraid of fangirls. When he was young, he had horrible mood swings, but would often feel better after an hour with his younger sister, Ciel. No one knows how she does it, but she is perhaps the only one who understands him the most. Cayenne has an obsession with fashion and uniforms for females. He goes crazy over girls in Lolita dresses, nurse, police, OL, sailor, maid uniforms. Despite his obsession, he has never ever had a girlfriend.

Victorian Maiden (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Ciel Payne
Birthday: 23 Dec
Age: 15
Type: Prunella

- Rewigged, modified K-Starr SD wig in carrot-red/blond
- Obitsu SBH-S in white
- Cool Cat Pullip chips in PB-04
- added eyelashes
- pierced ears, two on the left, three on the right
- full face repaint

Likes: crazy Japanese street-style fashion, Japanese music, glitter, concerts at Shibuya-AX, boys who are "not as wussy like Cayenne", Internet, sweets, Cayenne, Damien
Dislikes: little kids, complicated gadgets, sewing, colours that don't match, squeaky toys, nail art

A girl who has a lot of love for her brother, Cayenne. She quit her elite fashion academy in Japan to live with him in Singapore. Ciel is straighforward, doesn't fear anything except roaches. She doesn't get into mood swings or throw tantrums, she's basically very good-natured like that. She loves to play games, and would often do nothing but play FPS and RPG games on the computer. She hates people calling her a weirdo or names she doesn't like. She digs high-end Japanese apparel brands like H.NAOTO, Metamorphose temps de fille, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Moi-meme-Moitie, to name a few. Her favourite meal of the day is tea, but she dislikes tea, so she goes for coffee or milk.

Cold Stare: Damien (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Damien Chevalier
Birthday: 1 April
Age: 17
Type: Horizon

- rewigged, modified Another Space black SD-sized fur wig
- pierced ears, four on the left, six on the right
- Cool Cat Pullip chips in PB-D03
- Obitsu slim male white

Likes: pretty girls, Ciel, Japanese street fashion, punk rock, visual rock, Internet, gaming, cats
Dislikes: metrosexuals who carries a compact mirror around, international pop music, dogs, fluffy things, iPod hype, long nails

One really cool guy. He gets picked up on the streets a lot because of his appearance, but he stays devoted to only one person. Originally studying in the same fashion academy in Japan with Ciel, he quit school because he thinks his world is nothing without her. He was in a rock band with Cayenne back in middle school, but disbanded when he went to Japan to study. After a fight over Ciel, both Cayenne and Damien no longer talk to each other. He loves playing games on the computer; Granado Espada locked him in his room in Japan. He needs to have a glass of strawberry milk before he goes to sleep; he says it gives him good dreams.

Cold stare (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Sigmund Gilchrist
Birthday: 18 Oct
Age: 20
Type: Timulus

- rewigged, Sunny's Wonderful World 1/3 wig in black & gold long fur
- Cool Cat Pullip chips in PB-D07

Likes: camouflage, war stuff, paintball, nerf guns, black, delicious ramen, industrial music, hardcore metal, drums, men
Dislikes: girls, bad jokes, Hitler jokes, kids, talkative people, sunlight, konnyaku, acoustic guitars, cosplay

Sigmund grew up in the heart of the Goth subculture in Berlin, Germany. His love for industrial music and metal comes from his father, who is an electric guitar teacher in a rock music school. Sigmund's decision to come to Singapore came from a BBS post that was recruiting a vocalist and a drummer. ON his 14th birthday, he received his first drum set from his parents, and have been playing drums ever since. He has never been in a band before, though. Sigmund is also a war fanatic. He digs men in uniforms, and fighter jets. But he hates military training, so he's never thought of becoming a soldier.

Vivienne (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Vivienne Smith
Birthday: 2 March
Age: 15
Type: Cinciallegra

- Rewigged, modified K-starr SD wig in black and rust
- Obitsu SBH-M in white

Likes: deliciously cute boys, punk rock, Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood, Internet, singing, gaming, kittens, eyeliner
Dislikes: fake-cutesy girls, snobs, strawberries, pink, loud cellphone ringing tones, pierced lips, useless gadgets

Born, bred, lived in England for fifteen years of her life. Her decision to come to Singapore is, although impulsive, one of the best things ever happened in her life, according to her. She loves singing and has won a lot of talent competitions. Her favourite person and role model is Sid Vicious, minus the drugs and sex. Her favourite flower is the crysanthemum but she thinks crysanthemum tea is gross. She needs to have at least one glass of cherry tomato juice every morning. A day without tomato juice disrupts her dail routine, she says.

Little girl, waiting (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Name: Nikolina Stein
Birthday: 2 March
Age: 10
Type: Lipoca

- modified stock wig

Likes: her older brother, Sigmund, pink, red, candy floss, German sheperd, polka dots, boots, punk fashion, kittens, frilly things
Dislikes: waiting, wasting time, pigeons, rock music, adulthood, sitting, exercise, vegetables, Hitler and Stalin jokes

Nikolina was Sigmund next-door neighbour back in Germany. Her older brother used to be best friends with Sigmund, until he had to move. Nikolina's decision to come to Singapore stems from her brother's moping around over his best friend. She wishes for Sigmund to return to Germany with her and live happily ever after with her brother. Nikolina hates people calling her by the name "Lina", even though it rolls better on the tongue. Although she is only ten, she has finished elementary school. She wants to be a model when she grows up, but refuses to drink milk or eat her vegetables, and is actually stumping her growth. Despite her deep love for candly floss, she hates sweet things and would never drink honey because.